Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunshine on Avenue Louise

Yesterday was a classic European day. We walked all over town - I think by naptime we had walked 10 km! Along the way it was hard not to notice the tulips starting to appear. Smile!

We went to visit our friend, Emily, and her new baby, Charlie. It was fun (and a little maternally intoxicating!) to see that new little bundle of joy. Emily is getting the knack of motherhood and is still glowing. Her home is in the Chatelain part of Ixelles. This is in the "upper town" of Brussels. We live in the "lower town." I decided since it was a beautiful day we should tackle walking there...and yes when you walk from "lower" to "upper" there are hills involved. But honestly when the day looks like this, who wouldn't?

After our morning visit with Emily and Charlie, we met Karen and Brady in Chatelain for lunch (they live pretty close). I LOVED the neighborhood. We were there on Market Day - and the vendors were are starting to set up for the weekly event. I have been told this is one of Brussels' best open air markets. I can't wait to come back to indulge in fresh fruits and veggies another time!

We stumbled upon the most perfect spot for lunch, Le Pain du Chatelain. It was a cafe that just oozed European flair. Yet they didn't scowl at us when we came huffing in the small cafe with our strollers - and there were even high chairs! Alleluia! Lunch was perfect - around a huge wooden family style table. And food was elegantly presented with lots of colorful vegetables. It has been a long time since I felt sincerely welcomed with a toddler into a restaurant. What a relief. And I think the kids sensed it too. They played and ate and laughed together - they even shared toys nicely. And despite saying the place oozed Europe, my favorite moment was when Rod Stewart's "If You Want My Body, And You Think I'm Sexy" came on. We all started groovin' and dancing in our seats!

Connor thought it was pretty funny! In this photo she is eating our newest find. It is squeezable applesauce. Just like a Capri Sun - squeeze and suck. Very clever!

On the way home I had fun walking down Avenue Louise in the sunshine. This is the major upscale shopping avenue in Brussels. I marveled at all the European fashions in the windows. They were so unique I had to capture some in photos...

I think this emerald green dress is to die for. That is if I had that size 0 figure!
Who wouldn't feel like a princess in this hot pink sparkly gown? I even like the way the window reflection overlays on the picture.
And how about these funky men's shirts and colorful handbags. I wonder who buys the "IT" bag!?!?
The flouncy white skirt with the eyelet holes was enough to make me do a doubletake!
The flowers were out and Connor was on the lookout for every "choo choo" that came by!

Yep, Avenue Louise made for a pretty chic jaunt. And with the sun shining and the sky so blue that it looked like this reflecting back in the windows....who wouldn't have had fun?

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