Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recent Recipes

Several of you have inquired about the Shepherd's Pie I didn't make the other night. Well I did end up making it. I was glad I ended up waiting. It was a little more involved than I originally thought. But I did think it was a colorful and healthy recipe. Plus the blogger who posted it wrote it in such a cute way so that moms and kids could make it together. Click here for the "Yummy Shepherd's Pie" recipe. There are special instructions and parts for the "big person" and "little yummy" to each play. Connor was a little young, but cute idea.

The veggies were a pain to cut up, but what a gratifying feeling to see this melding together in the pot.

Here is the pie all ready for the mashed potato topping. Not sure why I forgot to take a photo of the finished product all browned up. Bummer. But you can imagine it. I was feeling pretty good about it all. Until Connor refused to eat it. No let me rephrase that. Connor refused to even TRY one bite of it. Now I know how my mom used to feel! Picky eater payback is no fun.

I find it so odd that Connor wouldn't eat this festive little pie, yet she adores broccoli. Today she couldn't stop scarfing the "yummy trees" down. This is the little green broccoli-stained face that looked up and asked me for more today. Go figure?!?!

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