Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cook & Book

Earlier this week Connor and I went with Julia to one of the coolest retail places I have ever been called "Cook & Book."
It is a compilation of bookstores within a maze like building made up of themed rooms. Each of the 9 rooms/stores at Cook & Book is outfitted with an individual restaurant complimenting each book genre. The themes include: travel, modern, comics, gardening, cooking, written in English (!), etc. They used the lighting, menus, surrounding book selection and overall ambiance of each room to compliment the theme. Like look at this one with the books literally hanging from the ceiling.

Or these - you can see the restaurants nestled within the walls of books. The black and white shot was of the travel room. The restaurant spilled into the silver on the left where you can literally crawl in and eat at the table right inside. It was a feast for our eyes!

Connor enjoyed the outing too. It was hard for me to focus with her hopping around in excitement over all the books, but that was part of the fun. I hope to go back solo sometime to more fully soak it all in and to try the food.

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