Friday, February 13, 2009

Willinghams in Belgium, Final Chapter

The last couple of days with Carol and Ed were still fun - but still cold. We traveled to Brugge, Belgium. This city is romantic and beautiful, but we did not have that picturesque experience. It was freezing cold and pouring rain. We tried to make the best of it thinking if we ate Dumon chocolate and took a clip clop horse and buggy ride that we might be warmer under cover and blankets while still being able to see some of the town. Wrong! It was colder with the movement --- but tried to grin and bear it. Connor seemed to like it though. She said clip, clop, clip, clop in rhythm with the horse. I am glad I have a daughter who is a trooper. It was the rest of us who were wimpy!
After our horse tour we literally RAN to a warm lunch spot on the market square as quickly as we could get out of the cold. There was a crackling fire and kind waiters to welcome us. Phew. Too bad Brugge!

Kirk left work early and picked us up from Brugge and we went by car to Westvleteren and Sint Sixtus Abbey for more of the "world's best beer" from this Trappist Abbey. Ed and Kirk enjoyed the beer, Carol had "beer ice cream" and I was the Designated Driver back home!
And for the final day with the Willinghams we were planning to go to Holland but with runny noses and still recovering from the Brugge Cold, we decided Holland would have to wait and instead we would do a driving tour around Brussels. So we visited the American Women's Club, the Waterloo monument to the defeat of Napoleon, the Atomium, and ended with a classy lunch at the Museum of Musical Instruments. The cafe is on the top floor with a spectacular view all over the city! It is a definite must for the "grand tour of Brussels"!!! Carol taught Connor how to play "Peas Porridge Hot, Peas Porridge Cold" and she loved it (and still recites it with glee)! The day ended with our "Belgian Gastronomic Tour" of Belgian chocolates, french fries, and waffles (described in previous post). We miss Cara and Poppa Ed and are so thankful for their visit with us.

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