Friday, February 6, 2009

Graffiti and the Clouds

Again I say, Friday morning walks to music class are the most wonderful part of the week. Gets my blood pumping and we travel just as rush hour madness is going full speed and shopkeepers start to arrive. But instead of jumping into the chaos of it all, my daughter and I walk with rhythm and routine while saying our "Bonjours" to those around us. I am sure they wonder who this crazy redhead mom smiling in the cold is! Even the street beggars have started to recognize us on our weekly sojourns and bidding us bonjour rather than asking for money.

This is the line for the bus we would have to ride if we opted for public transport versus walking. I don't think so. Thank you God for my 2 feet. And thank you makers of the Bob Revolution for a rockin' stroller to overtake the cobblestone streets!

Today I saw this lady washing graffiti off the central post office during my walk. This is the first time I have ever seen someone trying to clean all the graffiti. What a pity it is! And what a rotten job! It makes me sad to see so much graffiti all over this lovely city. It is on museum exteriors and other seemingly impossible places to clean. I wonder what type of satisfaction defacing something gives a person. I guess this is just all part of the character of Brussels and I should just accept it. But bravo to the postal worker taking a drop out of the ocean of graffiti.

But lest you think it was a depressing walk amidst the graffiti - think again. Today was a magnificent day and I couldn't stop looking up at the clouds. I love clouds. The way they move and shape is fascinating. Especially here!
This afternoon we had our own cleaning up of "graffiti" to do on our windows. We are cleaning for Cara and Poppa's arrival - tomorrow! Connor independently found the wipes and carried them around wiping the floors and windows as I vacuumed. I couldn't help but laugh!

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Dallas said...

You are such a cheery person - it's great! In the US, I would make sure to smile at random people when I was walking around, just to see if people would smile back. I should try that here. Have a great time with your visitors.