Friday, January 1, 2010

Kirk's Christmas Present to Me

It is one of the sad parts of marriage - presents to each other lose a little mystery once they are funded from the same bank account as the mortgage and the groceries. I know, that sounds pretty unromantic. But we have been so immensely blessed - especially these past few years - that we rarely buy holiday gifts for each other. Trips, traditons and memorable experiences together are our true presents and delights. But this year Kirk surprised me with a gift of my own...At the many Christmas markets I had been on the hunt for one of these wooden windmill candle thingies. They scream European Christmas and would no doubt be a keepsake to remember our time here for years to come. We were focused and ready to buy one in Koln, Germany and I was crushed when we found them and their pricetag was at least 100 euros. No way.
But one night Kirk came home from work with a big bag in hand. With this inside!
Wouldn't you know the Brussels market right underneath our apartment had them at a fraction of the price? I was allowed to open and enjoy the gift right away. Connor thought the way the windmill spun with the candles lit was divine. And each layer "told" the story of Jesus' birth. It was a perfect gift.
The next day I found the market stall that sold Kirk the wooden windmill to buy more candles. We used up the first batch on the first night. It is a well-loved gift. They also had these smaller versions that were charming.
I used the opportunity out and about with my camera to snap a few shots of the neighborhood toy store we walk past nearly everyday gussied up in holiday greenery. I also covet this nativity scene, but it too was 100 euros. Whoa. But so, so cute.This toy store called The Grasshopper always has captivating window displays with jaw-dropping prices. We stop and linger while Connor calls out the toy names with glee.
Maybe it is all these adorable window displays that drive up the costs of the toys??!!
Thank you, Kirk, for my Christmas windmill. I love it. And I love you.


Dallas said...

That's a fantastic gift! Cute and memorable.. Happy New year.

julie said...

I LOVED your comments about McDonald's!!
Check out Amber's blog. I left a message for you, Dallas and Amber!