Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Winter Wonderland!

It is literally DUMPING snow everywhere right now. Kirk, Connor and I are nestled in tight and enjoying the cold, wet, white blanket on this cozy Sunday afternoon. Our apartment is slowly but surely coming together. We have put all the IKEA furniture together - piece by piece - and managed to get all the boxes out of our home. Hooray! Still some organizing, but it feels a lot more like home and we are happy.

This week we had to make our Thanksgiving turkey 1 week early since the one we bought wouldn't fit in our freezer no matter how we tried to force it in between these teeny European freezer shelves - so if you can't freeze it, cook it! August Hammonds, another EY expat came over to enjoy the feast and I managed to survive my very first turkey preparation. Please do tell me what this knob translates to in Farenheit?!?! Definitely a challenge cooking in the small, celsius oven!

Yesterday we took a day trip into Luxembourg. Yet we never made it to Luxembourg City because the snow slowed us down a lot. So instead we went to a postcard town called Vianden in Luxembourg and then over to Trier, Germany - a city of ancient Roman ruins and the oldest Christian church in Germany. We will have to return to Luxembourg City and the Moselle Valley (to taste Reisling wines!) another time.

Amidst the glamour of Europe, perhaps the things I will remember most are the ways Connor is embracing it all and developing the midst of this transition. She has learned to show you "one" when you ask how old she is, she has a handful of new words and sounds everyday (including 'Bonjour' and 'Au revoir', and she has learned to give Eskimo kisses and walks towards us wagging her head to move in and rub noses. The time with her is quite an awesome gift!
--- Reid

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